FAQ • Singureni Manor, Equestrian Retreat


Is this place pet friendly?

We love pets but this is an area with a lot of wild animals and pets would disturb them therefore guests’ pets are not allowed in Singureni Manor.

Can I come for lunch, dinner or just for a coffee if I am not accommodated in Singureni Manor?

Singureni Manor Equestrian Retreat has a small capacity therefore we are focusing on the guests accommodated here, we can’t accept on the property premises non-resident quests. Still on occasional Sundays we organize a gourmet brunch from 12:00-16:00 available for outside guests as well, for a very limited number, so reservation is required. Details about this event are updated on weekly basis under https://singurenimanor.com/brunch/

Do staff expect tips?

In Romania it is natural to tip hotel & restaurant staff for good services. Therefore – unless you are part of the groups where a resort fee is included in the contract – feel free to show your gratitude according to your level of satisfaction. This also helps us to retain our amazing team with us.

Can I touch horses?

Yes, most of our horses appreciate some attention, nevertheless you should always observe the instructions of our colleagues that will teach you how to behave with the horses. The stallions with strong personality are kept in stables with bars up to the ceiling, therefore it is advisable not to touch them.

Can I take long trips in the forest alone? Is it safe?

Yes, it is definitely a pleasure to walk in the nature and to enjoy meetings with the wild animals. None of the animals present in our forest are dangerous for humans, they are rather shy and will keep a safe distance to you.

Can I bring my own bike to use it in Singureni Manor?

Yes, of course. We do have a big number of Merida bikes available for rent but it is never to crowded in our forest

Can I visit the domain without staying there?

Yes, of course, with a confirmed appointment with our colleagues we will take approximately one hour to show you around. In order to avoid dissatisfaction, please no not show up at the gate of the domain without appointment.

Can I bring food or drinks from home?

According to our policy bringing food or drinks from outside is not allowed. In case you have special requests please do not hesitate to contract us but

How can I organize different activities in Singureni Manor?

When placing a booking with us you can mention your preferences for activities and schedule them during your stay or, during the check in you can also book these activities with our colleagues. Of course during your stay, you can adjust your schedule and also book additional activities with our colleagues from Reception.

Do I have pool access when accommodated in Paul’s Horses?

Pool is available only for guests accommodated in Paul’s Lodge as part of the exclusive facilities. In Paul’s Horses you can enjoy the outdoor “ciubar” (hothbath), outdoor sauna, outdoor Yoga platform, outdoor chess table, outdoor ping pong table hammocks in the trees, kids playing ground.

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