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To this end, we invite you to read our Cookies Policy carefully and fully, as well as the Privacy Policy, available on the site.





The controller processing personal data collected by Cookies related to this webpage is the company POIANA CAILOR S.R.L, Romanian nationality, with office in Bucharest, District 6, Calea Giulesti no. 333, Building C14, basement, Room 13, with registration number at the Trade Register J40/1605/2021, CUI 43649991.


For any inquiry/reports/complaints/ regarding your personal data and additional information, you can contact us in writing, at the address of our office or by e-mail, at




By this document, we guarantee for all the visitors and users of this webpage:

> proper informing on

  • what cookies are, which is their structure and how they classify;
  • for what purpose and under what conditions are used the Cookies integrated by this webpage;
  • what are the implications for the visitor in terms of accessing the website/accepting the cookies of this webpage, which are not automatically activated upon accessing the website;
  • which are the Cookies out of our control (inputs from third parties) and to which countries is transferred the data collected as such (in/outside the European Union).

> producing the evidence to obtain the express/implicit consent, deducted from the circumstances of accessing/navigating on the website and voluntarily accessing functions on the website for which data processing is carried out by Cookies.




Cookies are small-sized files, generally formed of texts and digits, which, upon accessing a website, are saved in the browser used by the computer, telephone, tablet or any other device by which that website is accessed.

Every time the user accesses again a website, the browser accesses and transmits this file to the server of the website. In other words, the cookie may be seen as an identification card of the Internet user, which notifies the website every time the user returns on that page.

A cookie is formed of 2 parts: the name of the cookie and its content or value.

Cookies are NOT viruses!

Cookies can NOT access/read other information from the computer/device on which they are stored.

Cookies do NOT command any orders within the storage medium, can NOT auto-run, can NOT be duplicated or replicated on other networks in order to run or replicate again.

Depending on the duration, they can be:

  • Session cookies – have a temporary storage, limited to the duration of the session during which the visitor accesses the website. When the session closes, the cookie is deleted;
  • Permanent/persistent cookies – are stored in the user’s computer and are not deleted when the navigation session is closed – are automatically deactivated upon expiration of the period, namely, must be deactivated by the user.

Depending on the owner, they can be:

  • First party cookies – are placed by the Internet domain/website accessed by the user;
  • Third party cookies – are placed by another Internet domain/website than the one accessed by the user.

Examples of uses:

  • Even ensures the functioning of a webpage – are necessary/essential cookies – CANNOT BE DEACTIVATED – are automatically activated upon accessing the webpage;
  • Allow content and services adapted to the user’s preferences – depending on the categories of products/services previously searched/selected;
  • Offers adapted to the interest of the users – for example, password retention, payment data, language preferences;
  • Allow the advertising relevant for the user – marketing cookies;
  • Allow the measuring, optimization and analytics characteristics – such as the confirmation of a certain level of traffic on the website, what type of content is viewed and how an user ends up on a website (for example, by search engines, directly, from other websites etc.).



We use both first party cookies, as well as third party cookies for which the data processing is not under our control, but under the control of the third parties that provide them.

We use session, duration and permanent cookies.

We use the cookies necessary that CANNOT BE DEACTIVATED – are automatically activated upon accessing the webpage.

All the cookies used by this website and their functions are described by the integrated Cookiebot function.

In order to activate/deactivate cookies, please access the dedicated session from the website.

Marketing cookies are not pre-activated, and if you choose to activate them, you may withdraw your consent at any moment – you can request at any moment the deactivation of cookies/you can manage them on your own, without our intervention, according to section Cookies Management/from the Cookieboot.


For marketing cookies – your consent

For necessary/functional cookies

  • The legal obligation to own a website, by which we communicate to consumers the information required by law;
  • Our legitimate interest prevailing for the best functioning of the website and the sale of our products and service online.


The data collected by first party cookies, the data related to the marketing cookies and those measuring navigation conditions are available to the Company management, employees and external collaborators responsible for Marketing, as well as strictly in terms of necessary/timely interventions, employees and internal/external collaborators responsible for IT interventions.

Exceptionally, in the context of litigation/differences/security breaches will be given to the legal service providers, for the defence of our rights and interests/fulfilment of our legal obligations.

Upon request/during controls will be presented/communicated to the public authorities.

The data collected by third party cookies are transferred to the following beneficiaries:

We do not transmit the data collected by cookies outside the Economic European Area.


The person subject to data processing through the Cookies used on this webpage has all the rights listed in our Privacy Policy, published on the website and may exercise them under the conditions mentioned in it and/or by the direct management of the Cookies preferences.



For all the cookies categories used by this webpage (except for necessary Cookies), you may change at any moment the activation/deactivation settings by accessing Cookie Bot section.

The browsers used for accessing the Internet have integrated setting features of the information security level, also offering the possibility to accept cookies.

You may find additional details regarding the way you can delete cookies or the way you can manage cookies on different browsers by accessing the links below:

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The option “Do Not Track” – has in view the prevention of monitoring the user’s online activity.

It offers the user the possibility to express personal options regarding the monitoring of the activities carried out online and to communicate these options to each server or web application with which it interacts, thus allowing each service accessed either to adjust the practices depending on the user’s options, or to reach a separate agreement with the user, agreement convenient for both parties.

Not all “Do Not Track” functions blocks the cookies.



The use of the cookies and the obligations of the providers are regulated by UE legislation, as well as by national legislation.

Among the documents regulating cookie use, may be consulted:



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